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Hold a Problem in Your Mind and Ponder It

If a word can hurt, then the opposite is also possible. Words can heal—and pondering a timely, significant and empowering one can inspire and ignite insight to any problem. Words that promote faith resonating with promise and conviction have bridged the ages. The meaning and influence of one illuminating word can influence how one views an obstacle or burden exponentially. Deeper, more intuitive creative connections and awareness begin to evolve as one is led to clarity and wisdom continually over time. Owning or moving toward a solution with daily positive reflection helps dispel negative interpretations, grows fearless accountability, increases decisiveness and independence, and decreases ambiguity and blame. Random access to Ponder cultivates mindfulness for problem solving and positive change and paves the way to attract a myriad of untold options and outcomes.

How to Use Ponder

Choose a quiet place where you feel most receptive to receiving your self guidance (although Ponder can be accessed anywhere and anytime). Introduce a relaxing ritual before proceeding. To “clear the air” or signal a new beginning or way of seeing: take several deep, cleansing breaths, ring or tap on a bell, look intently into a mirror with kindness, affection, and respect, or design your own relaxing method.

Promote expectancy; say silently or aloud: “I receive the information I need to resolve this problem with grace and gratitude,” or, “May a solution come to me now in the form of insight and answers to my request.” Hold your problem in your mind, take a breath, and randomly turn to any page in Ponder. Exhale. Ponder the reflection and ask: How does its meaning influence the solution that you seek? Ponder your word throughout your day.